Fri-DIY: Handmade Monograms

monogram in border

My first Fri-DIY here at The How-To Hostess is embarrassingly simple. Monograms are not difficult to create, but they are a pretty and classic way to personalize a party. I made this one for the upcoming engagement party. The couple’s first initials are mounted on a pretty piece of paper and then framed in an inexpensive clip frame. The decorative paper coordinates with the party colors and the initials remind the guests just who we are there to celebrate!

The following supplies are needed to make a framed monogram:

– Inexpensive frame

– Decorative paper

– Solid color paper

– A pen knife like this

– Double-sided tape

– A computer, printer, and white printer paper

Custom Paper Monograms

Print out the monogram in the font of your choosing. Something graphic and bold works best, this is not the project for a script font with a lot of curlicues. I set my font size at 175 for this project, but the best size for the project will be determined by the font chosen and the size of the frame.

Cut the decorative paper the same size as the area to be framed.

Custom Paper Monograms

Cut excess paper away from the letters leaving about an inch of paper all around the letters. Tape this face up to the piece of solid color paper. With the pen knife, carefully cut out each letter through both layers of paper. It’s helpful to start with the interior sections of any letters.

Custom Paper Monograms

Keep cutting until you have finished all the  letters. Use a little bit of double-sided tape to stick the letters on the decorative paper. Don’t worry about using too much tape, just enough for the letters to stay in place. The glass of the frame will hold them flat.

Framed Monogram

Place in the fame and display proudly! This project could also be reversed with the letters cut out of decorative paper and mounted to a solid color. This little project is great because it can be customized to fit any color theme based only on the papers chosen. These pretty framed monograms would be perfect to honor a special birthday girl (or guy!) or done in miniature for each place setting at a special dinner party. Happy crafting!

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