Fri-DIY: Silver Mobiles

silver mobile

These pretty hanging mobiles are a cinch to make. They are also a versatile party decoration. Two More Seconds used them as an accent in an entrance, I’ll be using them to block off a doorway at this weekend’s party. I made these with silver wrapping paper to match the party decor. It’s a shiny paper so the mobiles will catch and reflect light, making them extra eye-catching.

Hanging Silver Mobile



Scissors or a craft knife and ruler

Sewing machine with thread

Start by cutting lots of 1″x4″ pieces of paper. They don’t need to be exact, I think it actually looks better if they are a little random.

Hanging Silver Mobile

Place the pile of paper strips next to the sewing machine. Put two strips wrong sides together and sew together. Back-stitch to keep thread from unraveling. After you reach the edge of the papers, let the machine keep stitching until the papers move off the feed dogs. This gives about an inch of space between the papers. Repeat until the mobile is the desired length and remember to back-stitch again on the last set of papers.

Hanging Silver Mobile

Make them as long or short as you like. I can see lots of these about a foot long hung from tree branches for a magical decoration at an evening picnic. The mobiles can match any party colors simply by switching out the paper used.

Happy crafting!

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