Tabletop Tuesday – Swedish Country Table

swedish country tableI’ve been a long time fan of Sweet Paul‘s work. When he posted this pretty table back in June, I knew it was destined to be a Tabletop Tuesday feature. The table is casual and a little rustic, but oh so pretty and simple. It would be great for a low-key birthday party or a special Sunday evening family get together.

Country TTTSources: 1 – Joyce Bud Vase, 2 – Mini Galvanized Bucket, 3 – Linen Checked Towel, 4 – Vintage Bakelite Flatware, 5 – Rara Glasses, 6 -Any old white plate, 7 – Crepe Myrtle

I love that he used simply folded dish towels in place of napkins for the setting. That one detail alone makes the entire mood feel unfussy and casual.

The garden flowers in bud vases make an easy and attractive centerpiece. The trick to get single stems to work like this is to use bud vases with very small openings so the flowers stay upright and don’t flop over. It looks like he used astilbe, which is very pretty, but crepe myrtle blooms would be a good substitute.

I can’t tell for sure, but I would guess the little galvanized containers peeking out around the flowers hold votive candles. Again, the use of rustic galvanized metal adds to the casual feel of this table. The silver also makes a nice color and texture counterpoint to the flowers and clear vases.

A table setting like this is an excellent opportunity to break out some great vintage glasses or flatware. In a busier or more formal setting, they could get lost or over looked. The simplicity of a setting like this really emphasizes the pretty glasses and flatware.

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2 Responses to Tabletop Tuesday – Swedish Country Table

  1. Lorajean says:

    This table is so pretty! I am really loving simple table spreads!

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