Tabletop Tuesday: Vintage Lovely

vintage table 2I’m smitten with this sweet tabletop from Dandelion and Gray. It’s a vintage romantic table wonderland! I adore how she used extremely inexpensive items to create a lush and lavish feel.

crazy vintage table board1. Blue and white striped straws 2. Bell canning jars 3. Burlap 4. Pretty frames 5. Lamp bases 6. White floral china plates

Nearly everything in this display can be easily found and purchased for cheap at any thrift shop. Non-working lamp bases, check. Mismatched floral china plates, check. Frames with no glass, check. When paired with an all white scheme (table, chairs, plates), the tablescape draws all the attention.

vintage tableThe frames-as-vase is an especially neat trick. To pull it off, gather several frames about the same size and remove the backs and glass. Stack them randomly so that there is a space in the middle of the stack. Grab a container that will fit inside the frame stack and is shorter than the top of the stack. (Maybe an extra canning jar?) Fill the container with water and flowers and place it in the stack of frames for a fantastic floral display.

So, what kind of party would be appropriate for a table like this? I think it would be perfect for an alfresco springtime supper, or an afternoon tea in a fabulous shabby chic location. Maybe also for a fun book club dinner after reading something romantic and old fashioned like Pride and Prejudice. This table would fit any party with a dreamy vintage feel.

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