Table Top Tuesday – Orange Retro Table

retro orange tableI really like this party from Elizabeth Anne Designs. It’s casual and retro and cheery! The colors are limited to neutrals and orange and the table has lots of details worked in with that color scheme.

orange retro board1. White Square Plates 2. Retro Circle Napkins 3. Kumquats 4. No. 2 Pencils 5. Orange Crepe Paper 6. Butcher Paper 7. Hinged Glass Bottle 8. Printable Monogram Card

First good tip from this table is the butcher paper and crepe paper runner. You can see how the actual table has a woven top, which for this party would add too much texture to an already busy table. Butcher paper is brilliant to use because it provides a nice smooth, neutral background (and you can just toss it after the party). The crepe paper runner over the butcher paper adds a pop of color right down the middle. The butcher paper will also prevent any staining from the crepe paper. As much as I love a crepe paper runner, a wet glass or small spill can lead to a pretty nasty stain all over a table cloth.

I also like the glasses filled with pencils. They fit the color palette, are interesting, unusual, AND would encourage guests to doodle on the butcher paper.

The pretty flower arrangements are also worth mentioning. The branchy orange things are kumquats. They could be a little hard to find outside of FL or CA, but a florist could special order them given enough time. The fruit laden branches make an unexpected centerpiece. The dark green leaves are a nice visual counterpoint to a table full of lighter colors, and the orange fruit pull together the party colors.

A table like this would be great for a back to school dinner or to send off a high school grad to college. It would also be a great start for a guy party since the retro feel and color scheme leans towards masculine.

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3 Responses to Table Top Tuesday – Orange Retro Table

  1. amber says:

    Gotta love anything that works in Kumquats! Well done.

  2. Hilary says:

    I love how you deconstructed this! A great idea! Love your blog!

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