FriDIY: Simply pretty napkin wraps

napkin wrapHere’s a quick and simple project to brighten any place setting. Make as many or as few as needed in whatever colors your little heart desires. Mine desired a vintage floral print against a soothing mint green background. It only takes about 5 minutes to whip one of these up, so it’s an ideal project for a party (or, ahem, wedding) that requires large quantities of customized crafts.

Simple Napkin WrapMaterials:

(2) 6″x3″ pieces of fabric, cut out with pinking shears

(2) 6″ pieces of ribbon

Sewing machine

Contrasting thread

Simple Napkin WrapPin the two fabric pieces together, right sides facing out. Sandwich one piece of ribbon between the two layers of fabric in the middle of each short side. Pin ribbon in place. Sew fabric together about 1/4″ from edge of fabric.

Simple Napkin WrapFold a napkin into a 3″ wide rectangle. Place in the middle of the wrap and tie it so the bow will be in the front of the napkin.

Simple Napkin WrapThese would be equally nice done with a patterned napkin and a wrap in a coordinating solid color. It’s a great basic table idea that can be customized to fit any party.

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