Tabletop Tuesday: Green and White Cactus Table

fringe tableEverything in Ashley Meaders portfolio is drool-worthy. I really love this table in the ‘fringe’ section of her website. Pretty feminine plates and a soft palette combine to make a table that looks very interesting but doesn’t actually have a whole lot of elements to it.

fringe table board1. Doily Plates 2. Fringed Swizzle Sticks 3. Godis Glasses 4. Monogrammed Silver 5. Seafoam Napkins 6. Potted Cactus

First thing I love about this table – the mini cactus. Though not warm and fuzzy or lush and pretty, cacti are hip in their ugliness. They’re not beautiful,  but they are interesting, like a spiked collar goth girl who works at the library and vaguely frightens the grandmas. Also notice how the pokiness (that’s my own word) of the cactus ties in with the fringe decorations. Two totally different elements made visually cohesive by the repetition of spikes.

Lucky for us, the write up of this party over at Design*Sponge gives clues for how to make the tissue fringe swizzle sticks. ‘We made drink stirrers by wrapping a little piece of fringed tissue paper around the top of the stirrer and then securing with hot glue.’ Wouldn’t that technique be cool to use large scale and plant several foot tall swizzles in a bucket full of sand? Great for a buffet or near an entrance.

This table would be a perfect backdrop for a co-ed party, like a graduation or retirement or even a girls and guys baby shower. The cactus are, ahem, rather phallic but are balanced out by the feminine plates and the tight color palette. This table also doesn’t have a whole lot of DIY elements to it, so it would be perfect for a beginning host or hostess.

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