Fri-DIY: Teeny Paper Lampshades

tiny lampsI love pretty lighting for parties. I especially love pretty lighting that can be customized for any occasion. Cue these cutie lamp shades. They’re designed to go on top of glasses and I love how using a stemmed wine glass brings the votive up in the air. Topped with a pretty paper shade to match the party decor, these make a very cute centerpiece or entry decor detail.

Obviously, since the shades are made out of paper, PLEASE don’t burn unattended. Nothing ruins a party like a house fire – this is real life experience speaking! Also, I wouldn’t use any glass that holds a fond place in your heart, melted candle wax is hard to get rid of. Luckily, glasses of all shapes and sizes are available cheaply at dollar stores, thrift shops, and big box stores.

Tiny paper lampshadesMaterials:

1 glass, wine glasses with tapered bowls work the best

1 piece heavy paper (high quality wrapping paper is nice)


Bone folder

Glue stick

Pretty ribbon

Tiny paper lampshades

Cut the paper so the width is equal to the height of the glass (or bowl for a wine glass, usually 4″) and length is 6″ longer than the circumference of the glass. For example, my wine glass bowl was 4″ tall and the circumference was 10″, so my paper was 4″ x 16″.

Lay the paper flat on a work surface. With the side of the bone folder, score the paper every 1/2″ down the length. This makes folding it so much easier and neater!

Fold the paper in accordion folds following the scores (see above picture). Use the bone folder to make crisp edges.

After the paper is completely folded, glue the last two folds together with the glue stick to make the paper into a pleated cylinder. Let the glue set for a minute.

Place a votive candle in the glass. Set the pleated cylinder over the glass. Gather it a little at the top then tie the ribbon around the middle so it holds the slightly triangular shape.

Voila! Your own cutie little lamp. Gently lift the shade off to light the candle and then replace the shade. I repeat, don’t let it burn unattended!

These would be really cute done up in Christmas wrapping papers and lined on a mantel at a holiday party. Or, in coordinating colors for a shower and cut out letters spelling the bride’s name glued one to a shade.

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2 Responses to Fri-DIY: Teeny Paper Lampshades

  1. Carin S. says:

    I really want to hear the story about the fire now!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Let’s just say it involved bamboo tiki torches, a windy evening, and the night was saved by a hot tub.

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