Tabletop Tuesday: Farm Fresh Table

farm fresh tableThis table spotted at Once Wed had me at decorative cabbage. Or maybe at bowl of farm eggs. Or possibly at placesetting paper placemat. All the elements add up to one pretty supper table. I love the tension between the very formal elements – the urn floral arrangement, the gold silverware, the delicate glasses – versus the farm fresh rustic pieces – the bowl of eggs, the rough hewn table, the rope tie around the silverware. It’s an unexpected combination that works really well.

farm fresh table board1. Ranunculus 2. Placesetting Placemats 3. Decorative Cabbage 4. Decorative Urn 5. Mini Glass Cake Stand with Dome 6. Gold Silverware 7. Eggs

The items used in this table are pretty simple, it’s back to that combination of fancy versus plain that makes this table pop. Imagine if a really simple floral arrangement had been used instead, maybe one with wildflowers like the flowers from this table. Just that one change would transform the table from rustic elegance to charming country, which sets a whole different tone for a meal.

My imaginary menu for a dinner at this table would be an herb salad topped with a crouton spread with incredibly fresh goat cheese, followed by tiny game hens roasted with herbs and olive oil served over creamy mashed parsnips, and a lovely lemon tart with candied flowers for dessert. Doesn’t that sound like a dreamy way to spend an evening??

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