Tabletop Tuesday: A Really Rustic Table

really rustic tableThis week’s table was featured over at the always inspiring Snippet & Ink. It’s a lovely rustic neutral table that really takes advantage of the different textures nature can provide. I love how the wood grain works against the burlap runner and the knobby grapevine and how those are contrasted with the smooth metal tray and shiny glasses. Then those textures are set off again but the pokey, fuzziness of the spelt grass arrangement. Natural colors plus lots of texture equals a beautiful table that won’t distract from a delicious meal.

really rustic table board1. Handrawn Wedding Menus 2. Chrysanthemums 3. Metal Tray 4. Water Goblets 5. Polished Stones 6. Spelt (misplaced source!) 7. Grapevine 8. Rusty Lantern

One of the things I particularly like about this table are the displayed menus. There aren’t any dinner plates on the table, which suggests this party is probably a buffet shindig. I love how they filled the space where the plates would be with the napkin, menu, lavender sprig, and polished stone combo. It makes the table seem full and totally thought out. Without them, the table would seem pretty bare as it waited for dinner to start.

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