Party Inspiration: Dessert Tables

Dessert Table 2From Style Me Pretty

I’ve been asked for some ideas for a dessert and coffee get together. A dessert table sprang instantly to mind. They’ve been popular for several years now, so there is a TON of inspiration available, especially from Amy Atlas (the undisputed queen of dessert tables) who styled the table above. While I love Amy’s designs, they’re a little over the top for an everyday gathering. I found some lovely tables, though, that would be easier to pull together but still look terrific.

Dessert Table 1From My Chic Life

I like this table for it’s rustic look. When you break it down, there’s only 4 actual desserts on there, which is doable for a hostess. Maybe 2 homemade and 2 purchased for an even easier party. I love the individual banana pudding parfaits, they’d look pretty elevated on a cake stand, too. The homemade cupcake stand is very clever, too. A couple of glass containers stacked with slices of wood and instant height for a table!

Dessert Table 3From Shauna Younge

This table caught my eye because it showcases effectively used bowls. A lot of tables use only platters and stands, but how many platters and stands does the normal hostess have? (Mine has a lot, but should probably not be considered normal!) Bowls are a lot more common and I really like how they’re used on top of cake stands on the table above. Also note the pretty use of ribbons to make the plaid design over a plain table cloth. Brilliant!

Dessert Table 4From Eat Drink Pretty

Finally, this table from Eat Drink Pretty is a great example of how to realistically pull off a theme with ingredients. While tables themed by color are pretty to look at, I always wonder just how tasty some of the color matched desserts actually are. But if you theme with an ingredient, like the raspberries above, or apples, or CHOCOLATE, mmmmmmm… those make delicious desserts and keep everything cohesive.

As far as a coffee presentation to go along with a beautiful dessert table, a simple table to the side with a coffee urn, cups lined up in a row, and sugar and cream in pretty containers on a little tray would be perfect!

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2 Responses to Party Inspiration: Dessert Tables

  1. Thanks for the shout out hostess!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Any time! Thanks for sharing in the first place!

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