Fri-DIY: Pair of fall crafts

mfg_pin_ribbonCorsage pin from Design*Sponge

We don’t exactly have a nip in the air to signal the start of fall here in the South yet, but our yards are littered with the first fallen leaves. That’s enough to put me in the mood for some fall crafting. I love the fall feel of the corsage pin above. Wouldn’t it be pretty done with a few colorful leaves and maybe an acorn or two?

439Apple Chair Swag from Bride’s Cafe

Our farmer’s market is brimming with apples and though it might pain me to waste a few delicious Granny Smith’s, this chair swag might tempt me! This would be so pretty across a mantel as decoration for an apple cider party. Or stick it in the memory banks and make one for Thanksgiving.

Wishing you a happy crafty weekend!

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One Response to Fri-DIY: Pair of fall crafts

  1. Kori Clark says:

    I am LOVING that apple swag! How cute!

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