FriDIY: Invitation Inspired Details

invite detailsLast weekend’s shower showcased some really cute ideas about how to incorporate an invitation design throughout a party. Invitations are often a great take off point for event designs, they become little sneak peeks of what’s to come. Call them paper foreshadowing if you will. There are lots of generous designers out there who provide free printable invitations. I pulled one from Download and Print that has a nice fall feel to it and whipped up a few party details.

DIY with printable invitesI printed up several more invitations than I needed and carefully cut out some of the fruit and flower designs to use in these 3 projects. First off, I embellished the invitation by printing the party information on a separate piece of paper, then gluing it to a coordinated piece of card stock. I glued that down to the original invitation then attached a cut out detail as a final flourish.

DIY with printable invitesI made simple place card using a piece of the same card stock and gluing another cut out.  good trick for nice clean edges is to glue the cut out down first, then go back and trim the edge so it is flush with the edge of the card stock.

DIY with printable invitesThen all that’s needed is a nice pen, careful handwriting and you have a lovely coordinated place card. These could be used as favor tags, too.

DIY with printable invitesFinally, I used the smallest flowers on the invitation to make a pretty little drink stirrer. A stray piece of ribbon and a little card stock leaf complete this adorable craft.

Hopefully these ideas get those creative juices going for ways to use a beautiful invitation throughout a party!

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