Tabletop Tueday: Caribbean Colors Table

caribbean tableI have an upcoming trip in a few weeks to the Caribbean so maybe that is why this table grabbed my attention. The combination of bright colors and shiny metal details reminds me of lush flower gardens with the glinting Caribbean sea behind them. Can you tell I’m excited?!

caribbean table board1. Gold rimmed glass plates 2. Lisianthus 3. Floral Fabric 4. Peacock Feathers 5. Hot pink napkins 6. Mercury glass votives

The busy pattern on the runner makes this table look really full and interesting, but there actually aren’t many elements to it. The runner doesn’t even appear to have finished edges, which would make this an incredibly easy project. Just get enough fabric yardage for the length of the table, plus a few extra feet to hang over the sides, press into a nice fold on both sides and place on the table. No sewing involved!

Mixing the gold plates with the silver mercury glass and flatware really adds an interesting element to the table. I like it because it’s unexpected and not matchy-matchy. I also like  the simple floral arrangements with feathers taking the place of greenery. I am sensing that feathers are becoming a big trend in place settings, it seems they’re incorporated in every table I see recently!

This table would be lovely at a bridal shower or a special birthday luncheon. I’m seeing a menu of grilled swordfish on rosemary skewers over a bed of lemon rice and a simple salad of field greens, oranges, and onion accompanied by large pitchers of white sangria. If I’m lucky, maybe I can swing that menu on my own Caribbean trip!

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