Tabletop Tuesday: Orange Halloween Table

orange tableI’m going to try and not go all Halloweeney on here at you for the entire month of October. I would argue that Halloween is the most fun holiday to throw a party for, so it’s really hard for me to resist! I’m taking inspiration today from this table for its excellent example of holiday restraint. It’s definitely a Halloween table, but toned down to an dinner party appropriate level.

orange halloween table board1. Imperial Glass Goblet 2. Orange Tablecloth 3. Marseille Napkin 4. White Pumpkins 5. Orange Plates 6. Candlesticks 7. Mini Broom

This table is a study in Halloween subtlety. Sure, it’s orange, but it’s a nice harvest orange instead of the day-glo orange of a trick-or-treat pumpkin.

I also enjoy the vintage elements incorporated in the table. I had a really hard time finding pewter candlesticks and pressed glass goblets for the board, they’re just too old fashioned to be widespread nowadays. I think a lot of people still have them around, though. I know I have similar goblets in my personal collection handed down through the family. Those touches give the table a homespun look, which is nicely at odds with the spooky broom stick.

Speaking of the broomstick, it is the most important item on the table. If you took it away, this could be a Thanksgiving table. But, when used in combination with the pumpkins, it’s obvious that this is a Halloween party.

Given that this table would be for a grown-up supper, I’d take a menu cue from the color and serve a pumpkin themed meal. Pumpkin soup spiced with curry and a swirl of Greek yogurt, a lovely beef roast served with rice pilaf topped with toasted pumpkin seeds, and a pumpkin cake for dessert. Now that’s a grown-up Halloween menu!

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