Real Party: An Apple Themed Supper

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Sorry for the blog silence so far this week. I’ve been under the weather. However, before I got sick, we hosted a small dinner party this past Sunday for a few friends. I decided on an apple theme to honor fall (and since the farmer’s market was overrun with apples). The menu was a big hit, especially the tender apple-scented turkey. (EDIT, ‘recipes’ in comments below)

Apple dinner party

I giggled to myself the whole time I was making and hanging the apple balloons. They were so fun!

Apple dinner party

I really wanted them to be the focal point, so I only included a few other details on the table, like the cute place cards below.

Apple dinner party

I used twigs again to repeat the ones used for the hanging apples, and kept the color scheme really tight so everything coordinated. The whole evening was a lot of fun, and of course we ended the night by playing Apples to Apples!

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3 Responses to Real Party: An Apple Themed Supper

  1. Carin S. says:

    sounds devine. Could we have recipes please? 🙂

  2. Stephanie says:

    Well, I wouldn’t consider them ‘technically’ recipes. For the turkey breast, I brined it for 24 hours in a solution of 16 cups water, 1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup salt, a cinnamon stick, a pinch of allspice and one apple chopped up. Then it got roasted at 350 for 3 hours.

    The potatoes just got chopped into 1″ pieces, doused with vegetable oil, salt and pepper, dumped on a cookie sheet and roasted at 350 for 1 hour. The green beans were just steamed, buttered, and topped with slivered almond.

    This recipe was the inspiration for the upside down cake. However, I used a boxed gingerbread cake mix since I am not really a baker. Also, next time, I would bake the apples and the cake together, but top it with caramel after baking. The caramel didn’t really like being baked and turned a little grainy.

  3. Jackiefo says:

    I love the placecards and the apple balloons and I always like the use of twigs! Thrifty and rustic 🙂

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