Fri-DIY: Eerily Delicious Halloween Dinner


I have mixed feelings about this Halloween meal. On one hand, this is some seriously impressive food DIY. My mind boggles at the effort and creativity that went into this.


On the other hand, could I really enjoy eating something called ‘Fresh Slaughter with Puss,’ even if it is a delicious custard with chocolate sauce? I’m pretty sure that answer is no, and there’s not many way to ruin dessert for me!


However, if you are so inclined, you can get all the detailed instructions for the full meal over at Instructables. Thoughts on this? Anyone braver than me and willing to try out some of these recipes??

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One Response to Fri-DIY: Eerily Delicious Halloween Dinner

  1. HAha! I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have the stomach for this either!

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