Tabletop Tuesday: Spooky Spiderweb Table

spiderweb tableSorry for the blogging absence, I’ve been spending some time out of the country, lounging on foreign beaches and drinking mango coladas. Rough life, huh?? So it’s taken me some time to get back to reality and specifically in the Halloween blogging frame of mind. But I am here today with a table from Bunny Cakes I really enjoy.

spiderweb table board1. Black and white plates 2. Spiderweb tablecloth 3. Mini pumpkins 4. Orange roses

5. White tiered stand 6. Mummy candles

Black, white, and orange – no other colors say Halloween quite the same. I love how the crystal and china elevate the table from kitschy Halloween to classy and spooky. I also am dying to find out how she made or where she got those mummy candles!

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One Response to Tabletop Tuesday: Spooky Spiderweb Table

  1. Jackiefo says:

    I LOVE the spiderweb on the table! Hope you had fun lounging in fabulous places 🙂

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