Pour Me One: Champagne and Snow Slushies

Champagne & Snow SlushiesCharlotte is in the midst of an unusual winter storm. We’re going on day 2 of being stranded in the house by an impassable ice sheet covering our drive. Last night, before everything froze solid, we pulled out the champagne flutes, tossed in that fluffy white stuff called snow, and topped it off with some post-New Year bubbly. If anything can make being stuck at home better, it’s a champagne slushy!

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3 Responses to Pour Me One: Champagne and Snow Slushies

  1. Sue Daniels says:

    Only you (and maybe Martha Stewart) would come up with that! I love your creativity!

  2. Jackiefo says:

    This looks fantastic – as you know I am a fellow Charlottean, and have also been stranded! Back to work tomorrow, but not till 10 a.m.! Hope you enjoyed all the snow – I certainly did!

  3. Carin S. says:

    What a fantastic idea! Unfortunately, by the time I got home the freezing rain had started so alas, my “snow” was more snow-looking-ice, so no good for champagne.

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