Party Inspiration: Oscar Party from Pajama Party

Pajama to Oscars

I don’t normally post parties for children because I really want to focus on encouraging adults to entertain and host. However, there are so many cute kid parties out there with great ideas that I often find myself pinning images from them for inspiration for grown-up parties. Take this adorable glam pajama party, looks like lots of fun for that group of little girls. Even though it’s meant for kids, a lot of these details would translate into a fabulous Oscar party!

Pajama to Oscars

All the glitz would be perfect for an Oscar dinner party, or as details on a snack and drink buffet. Plus, the colors are very retro glam Hollywood, also perfect for an awards party.

Pajama to Oscars

How great are these goody bags, too! Wouldn’t this be fun to put together with adult goodies, like the ones award attendees get? I’ve never hosted an Oscar party before, but I am totally inspired to give it a shot this year! Time to invite some friends and break out the boas.

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2 Responses to Party Inspiration: Oscar Party from Pajama Party

  1. amber says:

    my personal fav is the pink mag light! lol

  2. Jackiefo says:

    I totally agree – this could work for adults too….adults like pajama parties! Just add in some bubbly and you’ve got yourself a fab evening!

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