Fri-DIY: Fabric Heart Valentines

Easy Valentines

Hard to believe Valentine’s Day is nearly here! I made these cute Valentine’s cards to send out, but I think they would make adorable invitations for a V-Day party, too! Here’s the super quick and easy tutorial.

Easy Valentines

Materials: Blank note card and envelope, scraps of cute fabric, fusible interfacing, sharp scissors, an iron, sewing machine.

Follow the fusible interfacing directions and fuse to the back of the fabric. This will keep the cut edges of the fabric from fraying and make the fabric stiffer and easier to work with.

Easy Valentines

Cut 1″ hearts from the interfacing-backed fabric. You will need 3 hearts per card. Line the hearts along the short side of the note card and using the sewing machine carefully sew a straight line down through the middle of each heart to attach the hearts to the paper.

Easy Valentines

Hand write your Valentine’s greeting (or invitation), tuck into an envelope and mail to a lucky recipient!

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One Response to Fri-DIY: Fabric Heart Valentines

  1. iris says:

    I did something very similar to these cards for Valentine’s this year. Well, somewhat similar: here.

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