Hi! I love parties. I come by it naturally, though. I’m from a long line of women who all love nothing more than a house or table full of laughter, food, and fun. My mother and multiple grandmother’s showed me the importance of being a good hostess and taught me the necessary skills to become one. Bless my great-grandma’s soul, but she had me mixing drinks at the tender age of 5. So, you could say parties (and possibly Jack Daniels) are in my blood.

And parties are fun!

Too often people hesitate to throw a party themselves or just shell out cash and let someone else do everything. I’d love for this blog to inspire you to try your own DIY bash! With a little planning and a few tricks, you too can become a hostessing maven. Just remember, it’s a party, not brain surgery.

Drop me a line with ideas, questions, or if you need help getting your own party kick-started. I’d love to hear from you! {s} dot {ripperton} at {gmail} dot {com}

Feel free visit my old blog Modern Renaissance (no longer posting) for tons of recipes and craft ideas or my Flickr photostream.


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  1. Barb Moore Austin says:

    This is a great blog honey! I will have to subscribe!! Good Ol’ Gramma Chris and her adult beverages!! She taught you young!

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